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EZasic's library of configurable circuit blocks frees you from transistor-level design. We create and prove the IP blocks. You configure them and hook them together to create your solution.

Verified IP Examples

  • 8-10 Bit Pipeline ADC

    • 80dBFS SFDR
    • 59dB SNR at 95% Full Scale
    • 5MHz signal bandwidth
    • 2V Vpp differential full scale
  • 11-Bit SAR ADC

    • Configurable A-to-D converter
    • Successive Approximation Register (SAR)
    • 38 kHz sample rate
    • +/-0.5 DNL & INL
    • Configurable reference voltages set full-scale range and voltage resolution
  • Instrumentation Amplifier

    • Measures the difference between two input voltages
    • Configurable up to 8 software-selectable gain settings
    • GBW > 1.5 MHz
    • High-impedance inputs prevent loading of sources
  • Fully-differential Instrumentation ...

    • Measures the difference between two input voltages
    • Fully-differential output voltage
    • Configurable gain up to 8 software-selectable settings
    • GBW > 10 MHz
    • High-impedance inputs prevent loading of sources
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Our development tools run natively in your browser. There's nothing to download and you are working on your first design in seconds. Our software is easy to learn and easy to use.

Screenshot of the EZasic Schematic Capture tool
Schematic design review flow
EZasic software requires no license, no installation, and no specific operating system.

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EZasic enables you to go from analog-to-internet with high performance architectures tailored to your consumer, medical, wearable, industrial, and automotive smart sensor needs.

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