What does "Fork a project" do?

- Creates an exact copy, both IC and testbench, of one of your own projects or the example project.

What is cIP?

- configurable Intellectual Property

What is the difference between IC and testbench schematics?

- The IC schematic represents what you want on your ASIC

- The testbench schematic is for applying external stimuli to your ASIC, like you would do in your lab.

Why are some components in my schematic highlighted yellow?

This indicates an IP library update has occurred and the components you are using need to be brought up to the latest version.  Don’t worry the components in your schematic will not change until you explicitly update each one.  To update your component, select it and click the update button in the property inspector.  You can find the property inspector on the right side of the editor.

How do I change the package?

There is a button on the right hand street labeled: "Package 5x5 QFN" press and then press the "Choose Package" button.  This will will bring up the package selection wizard.

How do I zoom?  

You can use the mouse wheel or click on the "Zoom x%" in the lower right and select a new value.