We are currently adding more technology options so have temporarily disabled prototype ordering.

What information is required to complete an order?

To proceed to the order screen, we need customer acceptance of all design reviews associated with the project. On the order screen, we need contact information, ship to address, and payment information.  Part marking is optional, and can be provided on the order screen (one line of part marking is reserved for a custom entry).

When does an order get submitted for manufacture of prototypes?

- When payment is received and verified by EZasic the design order will be included in the next manufacturing shuttle run.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card, check or wire transfer

Can an order be cancelled or changed?

- Orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable. 

What warranties does a purchaser have?

-Please refer to terms and conditions for commercial sale prior to submission for warranty information.

Can multiple designs be grouped in one order?

Yes, EZasic can accommodate multiple designs in one order.  Manufacture of prototypes will not occur until payment for the full order has been received and verified.

How are prototypes identified?

You can define a top mark identification up to 6 characters.  The second line of top mark will be your designation, followed by EZasic traceability markings.  Your part number will need to be entered on the order page.

What is the delivery method?

-  Your prototype parts will ship via Fedex.  You will receive the tracking number when the parts ship.

Can a custom package be provided?

Contact EZasic for pricing and terms associated with custom orders.

What test coverage is provided on prototypes?

EZasic will manufacture all prototypes in a manner consistent with industry standard best practices to provide you with functional devices.  Due to the custom nature of your prototypes we are not able to fully test each device.

When will prototypes be delivered?

When an order is placed EZasic will provide an expected ship date from our prototype manufacturing location.  You will receive updates if a significant change in the expected ship date occurs.          

Can additional prototype quantities be ordered?

Contact EZasic for pricing and terms associated with ordering additional prototype quantities or for transitioning your EZasic to low- or high-volume production.

Where should I send payment for my order?

Instructions for paying by check or wire transfer will be included on the invoice you receive after placing your order.

Can anyone else buy my part?

Your device will not be available to others and your specific design is not publicly viewable.  However, due to the open design format of EZasic it is conceivable that someone else may design a part similar to yours.  Each new design submitted is uniquely marked for the user submitting the order, and is treated as a custom order.

Are there any additional Terms and Conditions that I should be aware of prior to ordering?

- Yes.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Commercial Sale.